Ready to Appeal Your Denied Claim?

Ready to Appeal Your Denied Claim?

Speak With a Social Security Disability Attorney at the Brenda Dahl Law Offices in Kenosha, WI

Social security disability is a government program that provides benefits for people who are unable to perform gainful employment due to a disability. In order to receive payments, you must demonstrate that your disability prevents you from gaining employment. The application process is difficult, and many people are often rejected and forced to appeal the decision. Brenda Dahl Law Offices is ready to take your case when you've been wrongfully denied benefits. We'll gather your medical records and make sure we have the information needed to argue your case. Call 262-577-4565 today to schedule a consultation with an experienced social security disability attorney in Kenosha, WI.

Don't get confused by the appeals process

Appealing your case for social security disability benefits can be a long process. We'll take the time to:

Explain the appeals process

Help you gather evidence

Represent you before an administrative law judge

We're here to fight for you every step of the way. Contact Brenda Dahl Law Offices to schedule a free consultation.
We'll only accept payment if we win your case.