Are You Getting the Money You Deserve After Losing Your Job?

Are You Getting the Money You Deserve After Losing Your Job?

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Did you lose your job through no fault of your own? Did you have a good cause to quit? There are various circumstances that can lead to you collecting unemployment benefits. Unfortunately, some companies will fight it or deny your claim. Brenda Dahl Law Offices will help you file your claim and prepare for a hearing in front of a judge to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. You should file an unemployment compensation claim as soon as you've lost your job. Contact our unemployment compensation attorney to get started with your paperwork today.

Make sure you know your rights to unemployment compensation

We will also offer advice when you need it during the entire claim filing process.
We're here to answer questions, including:

Can you appeal a denied claim?

Can you collect unemployment after receiving a severance package?

Can you give up your right to collect unemployment based on what your employer offers?

Make sure you understand your rights.
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